Вступить в клуб

Вступить в клуб

Why join

Tax rebates, certifications, counselling, opportunities: there are plenty of reasons to become part of RIAR’s world!

First of all, registration entitles RIAR Members to receive formal historical-value recognition for their cars, thanks to the Certificate of Historical and Collectible Value issued by RIAR and authorized by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure. This Certificate is required when applying for the Historical and Collectible Value Vehicle status, which gives Your car added value compared to simply discontinued vehicles.

RIAR Members can request a Homologation Certificate that,after a thorough  examination,will attest to the perfect conformity of their car to its original conditions and specifications.

The owners of non-homologated cars must at first complete the preliminary process by requesting a Homologation Certificate to RIAR's Secretary,that will send all the relevant forms.Once the form is filled and returned,an appointment for the Technical Commission evaluation will be scheduled.


As a member you will also have the chance to step into the world of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, sharing their passion and initiatives, and discovering a wealth of information about the car-maker’s brand and history. Every member who registers a car receives an identification badge, a symbol to show off with pride!

But there is more: by registering with RIAR You also get to:

  • participate to the rallies RIAR organizes in Italy and abroad every year;
  • consult with some of the most notable and appreciated Alfa Romeo experts composing our Technical Commission, that offers free advice to our Members for the correct restoration and conservation of classic Alfas;
  • gain access to our outstanding database, historical archive, to the most complete and detailed official information from Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo about the events, technologies, men and cars - from 1910 to the latest models - that made Alfa’s history;
  • take part to Annual Meetings in the prestigious and fascinating setting of Museo Alfa Romeo in Arese;
  • be in touch with Alfa Clubs in Italy and worldwide;
  • if the car is homologated, proudly display the bronze plate attesting to its originality: Omologazione Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo n°--- (Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo’s Homologation n. ---);
  • following homologation, request the Certification of Authenticity, a one of a kind book containing pictures and the history of the model and the Technical Commission’s notes about the Member’s specific car. This certification represents an exclusive and prestigious expertise that will make the owner proud and can be officially presented at elegance competitions.
  • receive free of charge the prestigious magazine "Il Quadrifoglio" (two copies a year)

In addition to that, when buying a new car RIAR Members are eligible for special rates. Interested Members are kindly invited to directly contact our Secretary. Mercato Italia Alfaromeo offers exclusive purchase conditions to RIAR Members when they buy a current production vehicle.
To learn more about additional economic benefits, please visit our FAQs section.

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