Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Dear Guest,
welcome to the fascinating world of Alfa Romeo passion, a captivating and legendary world with a history marked by daring sporting feats made possible by extraordinary men and cars. This spirit and tradition is kept alive today by the commitment and dedication of the numerous Members of Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo and of all affiliated Alfa Clubs. 105 years ago, in 1910, ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) was founded and one of the first specialized magazines used the following words to announce it to the world:

“ALFA - a name that says it all, a name that reveals the plan behind it: Alfa is the first letter of the alphabet, the emblem of beginnings, of fresh starts, of innovation, of new life coming into being”.

And so it was. Despite frequent company structure changes, union unrest, two wars, a diversified and limited initial production, the Portello plant in Milan only delivered excellence. Alfa Romeos were light and swift, with simple but sophisticated mechanics and, thanks to the best and most creative coach-builders of all times, perfect design. In other words, a work of art.
This industrial miracle, made possible by the skills, resourcefulness, willpower and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, engineers, drivers, politicians and adventurers who contributed to creating the “Alfa legend”, has survived becoming one of the most recognizable brands in car history. Alfa Romeos have always been an object of envy and desire, winners both on the racetrack and in elegance competitions, beautiful cars cherished by their owners and spared by the passage of time.
A burning passion Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo has kept alive for the past 53 years, a passion shared by over 2000 Members worldwide who are connected beyond boundaries and distance. Dear Guest, this web site will make you relive the exciting history of Alfa Romeo, its cars and men. You will have a magical time in the company of our Members discovering car history and virtually stepping into a tradition more vital and vibrant than ever. Here you will find the links to all Alfa-related web sites and a wealth of information on everything Alfa Romeo. And if you are lucky enough to possess a “sporting heart”, then Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo will make sure you experience the thrill and emotions these immortal cars never cease to stir in their lovers. Have a nice trip!!!

dr. Stefano d'Amico
R.I.A.R. Chairman


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