Homologation Sessions

Homologation Sessions

Technical Committee of the Italian Alfa Romeo Register International Club

The RIAR’s Technical Committee is an organism created by the RIAR Board of Directors and formalized in its Statute in the 1960s. It is constituted by renowned fans and scholars of the Alfa Romeo Brand and others who, with time, created a school of study and thought aimed at studying the history of Alfa in all its aspects, from its origin to our day.

These experts, who have been succeeding each other in time, can today boast an unusual competence obtained not just by means of a constant presence in the life of the Association throughout more than 50 years, but also thanks to their direct contact with all the people who were “The Men of Alfa” and who have passed on their knowledge and experience to us. A precious tradition of Alfa that the RIAR keeps alive and is constantly enriching.

Today the RIAR disposes of a large number of documents of great historical value dating from before the Second World War, which, in 1943, caused the destruction of the Alfa Romeo plants in the Portello in Milan, and consequently the destruction of its archives. An important private archive made available to the RIAR and rich in documents, projects, drawings, photographs, films, memories, reports, essays, correspondence dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The RIAR Technical Committee, whose members are often also court experts demanded by the most famous international auction houses, offers its services to all Members and fans of the Alfa Romeo brand, not just to examine, assess and certify any out-of-production Alfa vehicles, but also to suggest interventions or possible restorations, guiding whoever requests it towards more suitable and appropriate solutions in absolute respect of the “original specifications” of the model.

In fact, to certify and homologate each historical or out-of-production Alfa Romeo vehicle as original, correct and authentic, the RIAR Technical Committee follows very simple and brief Regulations: “the vehicle needs to have a perfect correspondence to the original specifications”. This is also to put a stop to abnormal or imaginative restorations and to the introduction of technical or aesthetical alterations the designers had not conceived.

The RIAR Technical Committee has predisposed a series of documents to certify the state and originality of the vehicle. In particular, the Homologation Certificate and the Authenticity Certificate, signed by the President of the RIAR himself and by the President of the Technical Committee, are crucial documents that will accompany the vehicle. They describe its history and state, sanction its historical exactness and originality, and naturally enhance its value. In an absolute sense.

The RIAR Technical Committee examines any vehicle that requests a RIAR HOMOLOGATION and, to favor Members spread all over the country, at the beginning of each year, it establishes a calendar of homologation sessions held in various Italian regions at Alfa Romeo Dealers or in appropriately equipped locations.
We therefore suggest that you regularly check our website to be keep informed about the locations and dates of these sessions.

The RIAR Secretariat is available to provide further information, the necessary forms, and the consequent mandatory reservations.
The homologation sessions take place yearly, from February to November.

Homologation sessions may also be held abroad, upon specific request by Members residing in the country in question, by other Alfa Romeo Clubs or by private Alfa enthusiasts.


Calendar of the homologation sessions (2015)

14/03/2015     Villafranca di Verona

11/04/2015     Milano

 9/05/2015      Bologna

 3/10/2015      Roma 

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