Certification of Authenticity

In 2008, Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR) drew up a document attesting to the perfect conformity of a classic car to its original specifications, telling its history and detailing any restoration or repair work it may have undergone over the years. RIAR’s Technical Commission has always been committed to ascertaining the perfect compliance of every classic Alfa with the Auto-maker’s technical specifications in use at the time of production in order to preserve its invaluable heritage. This requires deep knowledge, extensive experience, and a remarkable familiarity with Historical Archives and original documentation. All members of RIAR’s Technical Commission are highly-qualified experts who often provide expert advice to renowned Auction Houses and in Court. RIAR Members can request a Homologation Certificate that, following a thorough examination, will attest to the perfect conformity of their car to its original conditions and specifications. Today RIAR is proud to boast the most certified single-brand fleet for both restoration and conservation.
The examination for the Certification of Authenticity, issued upon specific request, represents a true expertise asserting the originality of the classic car (or providing a list of all slight anomalies) and enhancing the credibility of the vehicle by retracing its history through descriptions and pictures. This certificate provides the owner with a fascinating documentation on his Alfa Romeo and represents an authoritative credential for any third-party evaluation, be it for appraisal or insurance purposes in case of accident, increasing the historical and economic value of the vehicle.

This prestigious document, that will accompany the car for the rest of its life, consists in a finely leather-bound 50-page volume presenting a comprehensive selection of pictures, not direct- but letterpress-printed, portraying the vehicle in every detail. It also includes all the descriptions and possible notes of the Technical Commission. The pictures of the car and its unique features will be taken ad hoc by a single professional photographer. A real, valuable book published exclusively to the benefit of the car and its proud owner. The aim of this certification is to visually and formally immortalize the vehicle at a specific stage of its life so that any later modification or tampering will be easily detected because of the incongruity with the data contained in the Certificate of Authenticity. The Certification of Authenticity Programme is open to all Alfa Romeos of historical interest and can be requested by all classic car and “Closed-Listˮ car owners, not just RIAR Members but all passionate collectors. The Certification of Authenticity can be issued only for those cars that have already obtained a Homologation Certificate: homologation is the first necessary step to acquire this certification.

Interested members can send a formal request to RIAR’s Secretary specifying their car is homologated and quoting the Homologation number. The owners of non-homologated cars must first complete this preliminary process by requesting a Homologation Certificate to RIAR’s Secretary, that will send all the relevant forms. Once the forms are filled and returned, it will schedule an appointment for the Technical Commission’s evaluation.

RIAR Secretary, e-mail: registroalfa@alfaromeo.com

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