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Why enroll in the RIAR? Simply to share a passion. Passion is in fact a strong and free feeling that needs to bring people together and engage them. A feeling that invites us to communicate and spread culture and emotions in the name of a tradition that lives on.

Being a RIAR member means fully experiencing the world and environments of Alfa fans, going into depth with the brand and the history of Alfa Romeo and sharing its enthusiasm and initiatives.

The RIAR world also gives you access to special discounts, certifications, consultancies, opportunities: there are many reasons to become part of the RIAR world!

Members of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo can register their vehicle (or vehicles) with the association and receive the Certificate of Historical and Collecting Relevance ( C.R.S. ) issued by the RIAR upon qualification of the Ministry of Infrastructure. The Certificate is also necessary if you wish to insert your vehicle in the group of Vehicles of Historical and Collector’s Interest (see the attachment Extract regulations CdS and CRS), since it gives your car an added value compared to the simple used or old out-of-production cars.

The certificate is also requested by many Insurance Companies to receive advantages on policies and it is essential in case of re-registration of the vehicle at the PRA (Italian Motor Registration Office). Registration in a Registry is also required by the new regulations on the property tax (applied only in some regions in Italy) to obtain the benefit of total or partial tax exemption.

The certificate can be issued by the RIAR even for non-Alfa Romeo vehicles and motorbikes.

Apart from the privilege of being part of a prestigious and historical Association, members who have a car registered at the RIAR will receive a numbered identification badge to apply on the car, which has today become a symbol to be displayed with pride! And with it come countless services and benefits, publications, ….

You can also request the RIAR Homologation for the vehicle registered with our Association, a document that certifies the perfect conformity of the vehicle to its original specifications and its state of preservation or restoration. Once you have become a member, the Homologation can be obtained by sending a specific request form (which you can download from our website or request in the Secretariat), complete with photograph and technical data and then submitting the vehicle to the exam of the RIAR Technical Committee on the occasion of the homologation sessions held throughout the year in various locations in Italy (see the page of the Technical Committee). Once homologated, you will be able to display the bronze plate certifying its originality on the car, which will give it even more prestige and certainly increase its value. In an absolute sense.

 Enrolment in the RIAR entitles you to:

• Participate in the rallies that the RIAR organizes annually both in Italy and abroad.

• Consult the most important and acknowledged Alfa Romeo experts who are united in our Technical Committee and will provide our Members with free consultancy concerning research and the correct restoration and protection of every Alfa Romeo.

- Have a database and a rich historical archive at your disposal with information concerning the history, the engineering and techniques, the men who have shaped Alfa Romeo, all the way from the vehicles of 1910 to the more modern ones. Furthermore, you will gain access to the more detailed and official information collected by the Alfa Romeo Documentation Center, which can be obtained through the RIAR Secretariat.

- If you are a full member, you can participate in the annual Assemblies that are always held in exclusive and highly prestigious locations, such as the Museo Alfa Romeo in Arese or other locations of particular historical, racing or cultural interest.

- Obtain various and interesting benefits and discounts for the purchase of new vehicles from the FCA Group, as well as discounts on check-ups and services in the Motor Village repair shops.

Furthermore, for their own vehicle registered at the RIAR and therefore provided with a Certificate of Historical Relevance (C.R.S.), members can:

- Obtain fiscal and insurance advantages (only in some regions)

- Carry out the periodical check-ups of the vehicle with dedicated procedures

- Circulate with the historical vehicles thanks to the specific regulations applying to historical cars


But, there is more. Precisely to share this passion and to allow young people to be part of an exclusive world, since January 2017, the RIAR has decided to open its doors to all owners of Alfa Romeo vehicles to reward them for their choice and strengthen their passion.

So a warm welcome to all Alfas, from the more recent ones to the ones in production. Each Alfa in fact encloses a one-hundred year old history made of great projects, special men, extraordinary racing achievements; a history that has always been embellished by an all-Italian excellence and style that make all these “autonobiles” truly exclusive products. And each owner of an Alfa needs to know and experience the legend it encloses and appreciate its emotions and values.

So also owners of the more recent Alfa models will be able to become part of the RIAR and insert their car in a specific list dedicated to them:

" Instant Classic Registro Alfa Romeo "

New members will immediately receive a certificate on parchment classifying their vehicle as a true “Instant Classic Registro Alfa Romeo” included in a specific register. Also, they will receive the exclusive RIAR membership card (granting special discounts and services), as a sign of welcome into the world of the “mechanics of emotion” – as the claim of the brand states. Furthermore, they will receive “Il Quadrifoglio” by mail, the historical and precious Alfa Romeo magazine, as well as periodical newsletters. They will have access to an important and constantly updated website, but, above all, they will get a chance to participate in all RIAR events, in Italy and abroad, as stated on the website, and enjoy the discounts and services reserved for RIAR Members in the FCA Motor Village service centers (cf. RIAR Regulations).


Read the attachment for a complete list of Alfa Romeo vehicles eligible for registration and homologation




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