Why to become an affiliate

Why to become an affiliate

Why to become a Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo affiliate?

  1. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo is one of the first classic car associations in Italy (this year it celebrates its 52nd anniversary) and has acquired an extensive and solid experience in the field
  2. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo shares its headquarters with the Car-maker it represents and is an integral part of Alfa’s history like no other association in the world
  3. For almost 50 years Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo has been a point of reference for the numerous Alfa Clubs all over the world
  4. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo owns an invaluable archive and has full access to the Alfa Romeo/Fiat Auto Historic Archives and Documentation Centre: the Manager of these facilities traditionally also serves as RIAR Conservator, like Alfa historian Luigi Fusi
  5. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo, thanks to its Technical Commission, certifies the historical value of classic Alfas and homologates them upon request, always keeping an eye on today’s models
  6. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo is represented in the most prestigious international automobile associations (FIA, FIVA), is federated with ASI, and sits in all Government Commissions operating in its field
  7. Certifications and homologations issued by Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo guarantee the authenticity of a vehicle, setting authoritative standards of originality
  8. Because being an affiliated Club means joining a Community, not just virtual but made of real people of all ages who share the same passion and enthusiasm and are happy to live them out during the national and international events RIAR organizes every year
  9. Because becoming an affiliated Club means being a part of Alfa Romeo’s centennial history and sharing this unique experience with us

In response to the growing passion for Alfa Romeo and the increasing number of Members worldwide, RIAR has federated other Alfa Clubs offering them assistance, advice, technical and historical information and the chance to take part in our social events.

But above all the pleasure to share a great and deep passion. Driving a dream.

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