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Letter from the President


Letter from the President


 Dear Visitor, dear Riar Member,

Welcome to the website of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo. Two extremely important entities coexist here: Alfa Romeo, A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, at the time of its foundation), a Brand that has no rival in the world in terms of prestige, authoritativeness, racing records and popularity, and its Register, which stands for pure passion, a passion that for more than 50 years has been animating and bringing together 1500 members worldwide. On this site you can relive the exciting history of Alfa, together with the Members of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo, its men and its cars.

To me, since I have chosen to make cars into the purpose of my entire professional career, where I have designed and imagined them outside any scheme and convention, this website is the discovery of a whole new world, made of passionate people who have made Alfa Romeo into their lifestyle, a constant lesson revealing new values to lay new foundations for great departures and enlightened inventions. It is well known that all the greatest stories related to the long history of automobiles are based on the quality of the people who were a part of it, on their energies and inventive capacities. In RIAR all these endowments coexist to represent the very peak, the quintessence of the Brand, which can interact with all those who operate within it and guide its future fate. I now face the task of guaranteeing the continuity of your story and your values, and must acknowledge your ideas and intertwine them with the development of a brand that is, without any doubt, the most appreciated automotive brand in the world, for its courage, for the value of its industrial innovations, as well as for the unmistakable style of its products.

In certain moments of our life it may occur that one of our dreams really does come true, that we reach an important goal we had set for ourselves. That is more or less what I am experiencing now, as I take on this role as Chairman of this prestigious association. This is a task that I intend to carry out with all of you, who have preserved your trust in the Alfa Romeo brand, a brand to which you have dedicated your creativity: I hope each moment we experience together may always be of the greatest value, thanks to your human contribution, your lovingly preserved cars, your ideas. May this culture of producing beautiful and exciting cars that are always ahead of the times in terms of technical discoveries and innovations never come to an end.

Roberto Giolito

R.I.A.R. Chairman

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