Instant Classic Registro Alfa Romeo


 Instant Classic Registro Alfa Romeo

Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register

Open doors at the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo: from today, enrolment is free

Never again any limitations, any impediment, any age limit for true Alfa Romeo passion. Passion is a strong and free feeling that needs to bring us together and make us feel engaged. A feeling that also invites us to convey and spread culture and emotions in the sign of a tradition that lives on.

This is precisely why the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR), founded in 1962, is opening its doors as of today to all owners of Alfa Romeo vehicles, to reward them for their choice and to enhance their passion. From the new Giulias, which have just been released at the dealers’, to the Giuliettas, from the timeless Mito to the very recent Stelvio: not just the historical and famous models, but all production Alfas will now be welcomed with open arms into the RIAR, the official club of the Brand which is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year.


Each Alfa Romeo vehicle in fact encloses a century-long history made of great projects, special men, and legendary sporting endeavors. A history that has always lived strong on excellence and on an all-Italian style, which make these “autonobiles” truly exclusive products. And every Alfa owner needs to know the legend his car encloses to appreciate the emotions and passion that comes with it. This is why the RIAR is offering a truly unique occasion to all owners of the more modern vehicles (an open list of very recent out-of-production cars that are not yet in the Closed List) and to anyone purchasing a new vehicle. We have in fact created the Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register Club.


New members will immediately receive a certificate on parchment certifying their Alfa Romeo passion, and with it, the exclusive Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register card, as a sign of welcome into the world of the “mechanics of emotions”, as the brand’s claim states.

“Alfa Romeo passion – explains Stefano d’Amico, Chairman of the RIAR – has no limits. It is incredible how these cars continue to give their drivers emotions; you can rejoice for an Alfasud or for a more modern 159, just like for an 8C or a brand new Stelvio. This is the magic that the brand of the Biscione has always carried within it. But our opening up to all Alfas – continues d’Amico – also has a strategic value, because it allows us to ‘initiate’ even purchasers of modern vehicles to the world of the Biscione. A great and engaging story that keeps a great tradition alive”.

If you own a modern Alfa Romeo, with just 40 Euro (a promotional fee valid for this first year), you can become an Instant Classic Alfa Romeo member. This is your entrance ticket to the world of Alfa Romeo passion and your chance to be part of a legend, next to big collectors and great automobiles, side by side with the most important and renowned Alfa Romeo experts, all touched by the Alfa magic and brought together by one common passion. You will also be granted access to a database and vast archive on the history, technology, and the men who have created Alfa Romeo by driving precious cars that go from 1910 to our day.

A history that continues. Together.

How to enroll

You can become a member of the Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register simply by owning one of the Alfa Romeos included in the open list attached below or by purchasing a new Alfa Romeo vehicle. Members of the Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register will enter the world of Alfa Romeo passion with full rights. All you need to do is to enroll in the RIAR by sending us the attached form and by paying the annual membership fee – at a promotional amount for this first year of € 40 (forty) – which will give you the right to:

1 )  an Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register membership card

2 )  the journal " Il Quadrifoglio "

3 )  your vehicle will be included in the Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register specifically  

      dedicated to the model.

4 )  dedicated contacts with the FCA Group Motor Villages

5 )  an " Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register " certificate for the vehicle stating the information concerning

      its production and its technical specifications. Club Stickers. With these you access the world of Alfa Romeo passion

6 )  Facilities and Services.

    -  dedicated secretariat for Instant Classic Alfa Romeo Register. Member services.

       ( )

     - constantly updated and available website ( ). RIAR blog and Facebook

     - newsletter about the FCA Market and about the RIAR. Information, incentives, promotional activities

     -  extremely interesting discounts on all new vehicles of the FCA Group ( Alfa Romeo, Fiat,

        Lancia, Abarth, Jeep )

     -  discounts on all RIAR publications. Discounts on all publications sold by Libreria dell'Automobile

List of Instant Classic vehicles:

Alfa Romeo 145

Alfa Romeo 146

Alfa 147

Alfa 156 

Alfa 166

Alfa 159

Alfa Spider and Gtv 916

Alfa GT 2003-2010


New Spider 2006-2010

Alfa Mito

Giulietta 940

Giulia 952


Alfa Romeo 8c

Alfa Romeo 4c

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