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How to join


How to join

In order to be eligible for R.I.A.R. membership, all applicants must own an Alfa Romeo vehicle aged at least 20 years or one of the more recent models included in the “Closed List” issued by our Technical Commission.

The PERSON applying for membership must send the attached application form and pay the applicable membership fee according to the member categories listed below.

To enroll the VEHICLE, all the documentation of the vehicle must be provided. The vehicle can only be included in the Register once the RIAR has issued the Certificate of Historical Significance (for vehicles aged a least 20 years). (see attached form)

The RIAR is also authorized to issue the Certificate of Historical Significance for vehicles produced by other manufacturers.

According to Italian law, the Certificate of Historical Significance is mandatory to the purposes of including a vehicle in the Registers recognized by the Italian State, such as the RIAR.

The registration of the historical vehicle can therefore be considered complete when the Certificate has been issued. 

The Certificate is also crucial in acknowledging the economic value of a vehicle, which, thanks to this document, can go from being simply  an "old car" to representing a key moment in automobile history.

More recent vehicles included in the Closed List need to comply with the specific requirements and have a certificate of collectors’ significance.

The enrolment fee for new members is 150,00 Euro (renewal fee for subsequent years 140,00, 120 euros if payed by february,28th


The annual MEMBERSHIP fee for Alfa Romeo Federated Clubs is 200 Euro.


The enrolment/renewal fee for Members of Federated Clubs is 110 Euro (only if the person enrolls and pays his membership fee through the Federated Club)


Furthermore, the following member categories exist:

Junior members – aged 0-18 years – annual fee 30 Euro

Young members – aged 19-25 years – annual fee 100 Euro for the first year; 140 Euro for subsequent years


The RIAR “REGULATIONS” (see) state the rights and functioning of the Association, also in terms of its administration.

Once the Board of Directors has approved the application, all applicable fees need to be paid by postal money order, bank transfer, credit card (not American Express or Diners), cashier’s check or directly in the Secretariat.

In the section “Technical Commission” – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) all cases of enrolment and types of certifications that can be obtained by the enrolled vehicles are described in detail.

New RIAR members will receive a personal MEMBERSHIP CARD and a METALLIC PLATE (with their membership number) to be applied on the vehicle.

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