Closed List


The Alfa Romeo "Closed List"


  Since its foundation in 1962, the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR), official Alfa Romeo Club, has pursued the aim of safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage of the Brand it represents by promoting initiatives in various fields that enhance its image and awareness.

    Even the most recent out-of-production Alfa Romeo vehicles naturally form part of this precious heritage and the RIAR, in its intent of ensuring their survival, has constituted a “Closed List” to identify these vehicles, to recognize and to protect them.

    The models inserted in the Alfa Romeo Closed List have been selected by the RIAR Technical Committee for reasons and characteristics linked to their distinctive design, the the technology that distinguishes them, and to the racing activity that often accompanies them. Due to all these factors they can be considered worthy of attention and protection even if they are not yet of historical interest. The Closed List in fact includes only models that are less than twenty years old, while the vehicles that are defined as being of historical interest need to be more than thirty years old.

   In time, RIAR’s attention and sensitivity in identifying, recognizing and certifying these vehicles has proven to be of great importance for the protection of those models which, since they are still very recent and not yet of historical interest, could not have otherwise benefited from the tax and insurance advantages granted by our legislation. They are models whose more or less costly maintenance would today have encouraged their demolition or sale to foreign enthusiasts, who are more and more interested in the prestigious Milanese brand.

    With the introduction of the Closed List and its respective tax and insurance benefits (only applicable in some Italian regions) many vehicles have been restored and saved and, above all, the owners have started to take care of them and use them in a different way, with more attention and respect, since they are now aware that they own a particular vehicle of a glorious and universally loved brand.

    RIAR has thus protected and “saved” many interesting models and can boast a big result both from the cultural and historical point of view. It has given back dignity and value to many interesting models, which, to the untrained eye, could seem like simple used cars, if you forget what a treasure in terms of image and excelence this hundred-year old brand still encloses.



Any preserved and restored Alfa Romeo vehicle, in production until 31 December 1998, can be registered and homologated (the latter only provided it corresponds perfectly to its original condition) and recognized as being of historical interest and/or collectors’ value.

Also admissible for registration and homologation (the latter only provided they correspond perfectly to their original condition) are any preserved and restored Alfa Romeo vehicles in production since 1 January 1999 listed in the CLOSED LIST:


  • GTV (all tipo 916 versions)
  • Spider (all tipo 916 versions)
  • 145 1.7 16V
  • 145 2.0 16V Twin Spark Quadrifoglio
  • 146 1.7 16V
  • 146 2.0i Twin Spark 16v ti
  • 145 Junior
  • 146 Junior
  • 156 2.5i V6 24V Q System
  • 156 GTA 3.2 V6 24V
  • 156 Sportwagon GTA 3.2 V6 24V
  • 156 1.9 JTD (only vehicles in production until 31-12-1998)
  • 156 2.4 JTD (only vehicles in production until 31-12-1998)
  • Crosswagon 1.9 JTD 16V Q4
  • 166 2.5 V6 24V
  • 166 3.0 V6 24V
  • 166 2.0i V6 TB Super
  • 166 3.2i V6 24V
  • 147 GTA
  • GT 3.2 V6 24V
  • 156 2.5 V6 24V TI
  • 156 V6 24V TI Sportwagon
  • 8C Competizione
  • Mito R.I.A.R. (only 17 numbered vehicles)
  • 8C Spider
  • Brera 3.2
  • Spider 3.2

Cars more recent but built in few numbers or with peculiar characteristics (construction technique,shape) and all production cars prepared for competitions, one-seaters and sports two-seaters with Alfa Romeo engines, may also be presented for registration and homologation(they will be assessed case by case with the support of valid documentation to prove the vehicle’s specific racing activity).

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